Dedicated for Aluminium Die Casting Industry
A truly world-class die casting industry in India.
The purpose of GDC Tech Forum is to support the development of a truly world-class die casting industry in India by assisting in the enhancement of industry capabilities.
The purpose of GDC Tech Forum will be achieved by addressing the following :
  • Dissemination of knowledge and skills related to the evolution and development of technology, technical and quality practices relevant to the industry
  • Informing industry of the best available commercial and management practices through seminars and similar fora
  • Supporting the industry in business development by facilitating networking of members and interactions with buyers of the industry‚Äôs products and services
  • Conducting programmes to attract talent to the die-casting industry and providing basic training.
  • Sharing and discussions amongst members on new developments in the market place
  • Inside-out: Conduct drives to engage internal team members and regional chapters (Core committee/organizing committee)
  • Outside-in: Conduct drives to engage GDC Tech members
  • Shortlist and implement the most successful programs and methods used for that
  • Conduct a feedback survey for the programs from our members
  • Exploring the use of digital platforms
  • Using other platforms for sharing information to create an effective interaction with other industry associations
  • Develop a young team